The Swedish ash population is under attack. Since the invasive fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus was introduced to Eastern Europe in the mid- nineties, the European ash population has decreased substantially. The phenomenon is called Ash Dieback. The fungus spreads through wind spores, which makes the disease practically impossible to control.  H. fraxineus usually infect the trees through the shoots and then continues its’ way to the stem, giving it the Swedish name Askskottsjuka (Ash Shoot Disease). If the ash indeed goes extinct, it would have devastating consequences for the Swedish biodiversity, since 9 other tree species are needed in order to replace its' role in the ecosystem. The project Rädda Asken (Save the Ash) therefore aims to use the only known remedy to conserve ash as a species: breeding for resistance. And you can help !    


In Norse mythology, the ash was seen as the tree of life, Yggdrasil, which carried the world in its' branches.  In Sweden it is seen as a native species, but currently it is classified as endangered...


This website is frequently updated with the latest information about the ash breeding development in Sweden. Therefore, information might change over time  and we ask for your patience regarding this matter.